About Us

Making customer loyalty simple

We are a dedicated team of engineers, product developers, and problem solvers determined to develop digital customer loyalty program to help businesses grow and retain customer base. Our extremereward customer loyalty solution is super easy for your customers to use and get rewarded. 


Apps For Loyalty Rewards

The problem with current loyalty systems is that there are too many cards for us to carry and we tend to lose or misplace them. Some business have introduced apps for customer loyalty but, we would clutter our phone with 10 different loyalty applications. Customers are frustrated with 10 different rewards card in the wallet and applications on their phone.

Businesses lost all the valuable insights and have no specific visibility over how their customer loyalty systems.


Visibility Over Loyalty Rewards

We saw an opportunity to help Australians get over this problem by providing a unifying digital rewards solution. We have joined forces to deliver a digital system and process for businesses and their customers. 
Now customers do not need to walk around with different loyalty cards and businesses have visibility over their rewards system. Businesses are able to drive sales by using Extreme rewards platform and make data driven decisions.


Our Goal / Vision

Our goal is to create a seamless customer loyalty solutions through innovation and partnership. We wish to grow with australian businesses and help the australian economy. this piece of innovation is build right here in the heart of South Australia and the beautiful city of Adelaide with cutting edge technology running on the world’s most trusted cloud service provider (Amazon Web Services).

Our vision is to create a digital system for businesses to help engage with their customers and a paperless rewards system that is easy to use for their customers.

Our Company Values

Innovation Everyday

Innovation Is our passion, we do not over-engineer but use tools that can help us solve problems. However, we are not afraid to reinvent the wheels when required. Innovation leads to growth and a better future.

Help and Support

All and every one needs help and we will try our best to help and be of support to our family, friends, team mates, businesses, customers and everyone that requires it.

Transparent Business

We value transparency in our business so that we can create a fantastic relationship with our stakeholders and create a brand that can be trusted fully.

Team Work

We promote teamwork in every aspect. we are social being and when united we can solve tremendous amount of problems to make a better future.

Let's set up cusomter loyalty for your business

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